Things I've Worked On

Anything that I have given away as free software or any contributions that I have made to free software projects.

Flask Foundation

Flask Foundation is a simple template that I wrote in order to initially teach myself the Flask web framework for Python. I was frustrated that all of the available examples of Flask code were very platform and deployment specific and very little could be learned from the convoluted code. So, I decided to build a simple, solid foundation for flask applications, built on MVC using the most popular Python libraries, that you can easily construct any Flask website/webapp off of. My solution is different from most Flask frameworks as it does not assume anything about your development or production environments. Flask Foundation is platform agnostic in this respect. Check it out here.

The D Programming Language Standard Library

I am an official member of the D Language team. I have contributed many changes, closed a couple of bugs, and made some new additions to the standard library of the D programming language. To see a list of all of the merged pull requests I have on the standard library, click here, to see all of the open pull requests click here.


date-parser is a translation of the very popular date string parsing functionality of the dateutil library to D, and it can be found here. It started out as just a port of the existing functionality, which only resulted in a 2x faster library than the Python version. But, after optimization and translating it to idiomatic D code, my version is 10x faster than the Python version with space still available to optimize.

This Site

When decided to create a promotional site, I took it as a personal challenge to see how fast and small I could make this page while still having a responsive, modern design. Not including images, this site is roughly 46kb and it loaded on your computer in (again, not counting images).

The ability to cut down load times is a very important skill for web developers. Studies have shown that what would seem like trivial differences (in some cases a half second) in page speed can cause 20% of your users to leave your site before it even loads [1] [2].


Mastering Flask

Mastering Flask is a programming book that I wrote for users of the Flask web framework for Python. It is designed to take the reader from simple web pages with Flask to large scale web apps.

Starting from a simple Flask app, the book walks through advanced topics while providing practical examples of the lessons learned. After building a simple Flask app, a proper app structure is demonstrated by transforming the app to use a Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture. With a scalable structure in hand, the next chapters use Flask extensions to provide extra functionality to the app, including user login and registration, NoSQL querying, a REST API, an admin interface, and more. The, the book covers how to use unit testing to take the guesswork away from making sure the code is performing as it should. The book closes with a discussion of the different platforms that are available to deploy a Flask app on, the pros and cons of each one, and how to deploy on each one.

The Flask Cookbook

Packt Publishing released a book on Flask web framework best practices, The Flask Cookbook, and I was chosen as one of technical reviewers for the book during the writing process.